Online permit for tourist from India

Hi, I am planning to visit Bhutan with my family in September this year. we want to visit Thimphu, paro, punakha and phuntshokling and will be traveling from Kolkata to Siliguri and then enter Bhutan through phuntshokling.

was wondering if there is an online system where we can apply for our permit/visa instead of visiting the immigration office in person.
I entered Bhutan through Paro which is by air and i got permit on arrival. No idea regarding the online system when i visited but seems this website can help you. Visiting Bhutan was a great experience for me.
@Rakesh Kucheria, there's an online permit system in place where you can get your entry permit before you start your trip, but it needs to be applied by a tour operator or hotel on behalf of you. I'll update this post when the details/requirements become clear.

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