Are solo Indian travelers permitted to visit Bhutan on their own?

I came across some blogs which mention that as per some recently imposed rule, solo Indian travelers are no longer permitted to enter Bhutan.

Has anyone recently visited Bhutan and could suggest how true is this information? How do I obtain the entry permit and special area permit as a solo Indian traveler?
Solo travelers are not restricted as i just got back from Bhutan as a lone traveler. I travelled from Delhi to NJP (New Jalapaiguri) railway station. From NJP, i joined with a group of people taking a taxi to Bhutan border to the indian side of Jaigaon. The ride was about 4 hours.

I got into Bhutan via Phuntsholing. I got there on a weekend to find out that the immigration office will open only on Monday which made me stay 2 nights there. There was not much to do in phuntsholing but i had to wait. Monday was a disaster as there were many other indians at the immigration office. After standing in line for a long time, i could finally avail my permit to go to Thimphu but i had to spend that night in phuntsholing as i could not find a car to travel to Thimphu by the time i got my permit.

I got to Thimphu the next day, amazing place with no honking and no pollution. Perfect weather and then from Thimphu i organized my permit to travel to Punaka, Nature is best and finding the right hotel for my budget took a little time.

Over all great expereince in Bhutan and YES you can travel as a solo traveler.
Thank you Chirag for taking the time to answer this question.

Hi Nishith,
To further add to Chirag’s post, you can do a solo travel to Bhutan. To avoid all the delays, Chirag had to go through availing the permit, please note that you can now process the entire necessary permit in advance prior to your visit to Bhutan.
To process entry permits, the following document is required:
1. Valid passport with minimum of 6 months validity or valid voter ID card(Indian nationals only)
2. Duly filled entry permits form.
3. 2 standard size passport photo
4. Hotel booking confirmation document.
5. Guide details
All advance permit can only be processed by a hotelier or a local travel agent hence maybe subject to a service fee.

For more information please read our travel guide

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