Is Bhutan safe to travel right now? Is the Doklam issue causing war in Bhutan

Me and my group of friends wants to travel to Bhutan for upcoming tsechuu festival in September but we see there is trouble in Bhutan becuase of Doklam issue. Is it a serious concern? Is Thimphu safe to travel?

I hope India and China do not go to war.
Hello thank you for your question. We are having a beautiful day in Bhutan today. We have observed that numerous news channel in India and China broadcasting war in Bhutan but the trusted sources mention about the possibility of transgression but there is no war in Bhutan.

Further more Doklam is remotely located, away from from places of interest for travel. Thimphu is safe for travel and in fact we have the highest number of visitors to Bhutan in the coming month for the Thimphu Tsechu,

Come experience the land of Happiness and let us pray that War does not strike this region. We look forward to having as many Chinese and Indians visiting Bhutan and finding peace in our country of Happiness.

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