Is it Safe for Women to Travel Bhutan?

We are five of us all women in our early twenties, we are planning to visit Bhutan by coming month. Since no male friends gonna accompany us. We are bit worry of our safety. we want to visit Paro, Thimphu, phontsholing and are those place safe for us.
Hello Kaberi,
Tourism industry stakeholders (hotels, travel agents, local guides and transportation service providers) are strictly regulated by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The council have put strict regulations and penalty in place for any professional misconduct.

Bhutan receives an influx of over 100,000 tourist from the region annually and such unfortunate event is unheard of.

Hope that allay your concern and encourage you to take this trip. Bhutan has lots to offer.
Kaberi, I assume you are from Indian. I visited Bhutan with my husband and along the trip we met many Indians. Some were in huge groups with hired buses, some smaller groups, we even met a few single travelers. The people we've met have been so polite and helpful. Trust me, Bhutan is much much safer than India.
Hi Kaberi, i too agree with Soumya. Bhutan is such a lovable country.Its one of the safest place for any gender to visit. we had great time dont wait just go ahead ...

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