Can anyone guide me in making an itinerary for my trip to Bhutan.

please help me anyone from this forum. I wan to have lovely trip to Bhutan.
Hi Jaspinder,

I will write down the most visited places in Bhutan and also list all the activities and attractions in each place. You may pick what you like and turn it to an itinerary.

1. Hike to the Tiger's nest
2. Explore the national museum
3. visit the oldest Temple in Bhutan built in the 7th century
4. Day excursion to Chelela pass

1. Hike to Phajoding above 3000 meters or an easier hike to Tango Cheri
2. Visit Tashichodzong (Fort)
3. Drive to Buddha Dordenma, largest sitting Buddha Statue overlooking the valley
4. Visit the Takin zoo
5. Enjoy the night life at Viva City, a night club in the capital

1. stop over at Dochula pass on your way to Punakha
2. River rafting in the Puna tsang chu (river)
3. Enjoy the scenery of the valley

Common activities
1. Cycling
2. Meditation
3. Souvenir shopping
4. Archery
5. Fishing
6. Bike riding
7. Outdoor picnic

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