Hike to Kila Nunnery


The Kila Nunnery was established as a meditation site in the 9th century and is probably the oldest nunnery in the country. The nunnery sits clinging on a cliff hovering over several other temples and retreat huts built for nuns. 50-70 nuns currently reside at the nunnery to pursue higher Buddhist studies and live in complete isolation. The nunnery is located at about 3500m above sea level. An hour hike from the main road between Paro and Haa takes the hikers through rich forest and scenic views including sightings of Mt Jhomolhari and Jichu Drake.
The hikers can also choose to descend downwards from the Chelela Pass as the nunnery is situated below the pass. It takes 1 ½ hour to reach the pass from Paro and then a downward trek of about half an hour to the nunnery. Before embarking on the hike one cannot simply go without admiring the beauty of Chelela Pass. Passes in Bhutan are decorated thoroughly with screaming colorful prayer flags and Chelala is no different in fact Chelela Pass is considered one of the most picturesque Passes of Bhutan. It offers some great opportunities for Photography enthusiasts to just take beautiful pictures after pictures. Once at the nunnery the hikers can catch a breath and observe the nuns while they go about their own daily spiritual routines.