Thori Resort 3 star hotel

Lupding Lam, Lungtenphu, Thimphu

Hotel Overview

Thori Resort is a place for appreciating life's simple pleasures. This small resort showcases Bhutan's GNH philosophy and creates a genuinely-Bhutanese experience for travellers in search of happiness. Thori means heaven in Dzongkha.True to its name, Thori offers you a little piece of heaven. Surrounded by nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can be assured that your stay will be peaceful and tranquil.

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About Thori Resort

Thori did not begin as a hotel, it began as a dream to build a family home where we live close to nature and to each other. After a dramatic change of plans, the home became a hotel but the dream lived on. We decided that Thori will be a place where guests are welcomed with open hearts and offered simple, authentic and personalised care. The commitment to not just serve, but to care for our guests like we care for our family blossomed in so many small and big ways that we hope the guests will experience during their stay at Thori.

Beyond our commitment to care for our guests, we are committed to care for our community and our natural environment. Thori staff are previously unemployed youth who have, at the most, completed high school. By training them in hospitality, our hope is to give them professional, employable skills as well as educate them about own diverse cultures and teach them how to live in harmony with nature.

Ultimately, our vision is to make Thori a little Bhutan in itself where the values of Gross National Happiness come alive. Our mission is to live close to nature, to nurture our relationships and to preserve our culture(s); and to offer this unique experience to our guests. In order to achieve our mission, garden-fresh produce from the Thori kitchen garden will be served to our guests, every effort will be made nurture the relationship with our guests & staff and our spacious rooms shall be gradually upgraded to unique community-themed rooms.

We believe our story is one of turning adversity into opportunity; an opportunity to serve our guests, our community and our own dreams. We warmly welcome you to stay with us and be a part of our story.


When we learn to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, we find ultimate happiness. At Thori, we will treat you to life’s simple pleasures and offer you a unique holiday experience that is guaranteed to rejuvenate your body and soul.

We believe family, health and time are life’s precious gifts that we wish to pay forward to our guests. While enjoying the comfort and amenities of a hotel, we want our guests to be an extension of our family and get an authentic experience of staying in Bhutan. You can hear our stories and tell us yours. You can eat with us, laugh with us and play with us. You can even work with us! You are welcome to pick apples or get your hands dirty working in our vegetable patch, which is where we grow vegetables and herbs we serve you. After all, happiness is not something you find, it is something you cultivate.


We are very mindful of our impact on the environment at Thori. Our management and staff work hard towards sustainability. We reduce & manage waste, make our own compost for the Thori kitchen garden and conserve water and electricity as much as possible.

Thori Resort

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