Gyelsa Boutique Inn 3 star hotel

Jangchub Lam, Thimphu

Hotel Overview

Gyelsa Boutique is a family-run quaint tourist certified hotel that combines all the elements of modern day amenities with the subtleties of Bhutanese hospitality. Located close to the heart of the city, the Inn is within walking distance of all major attractions in town.

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About Gyelsa Boutique Inn

Despite being built on prime property, space is not a constraint with the hotel accommodating a large terrace and ample outdoor space to enjoy a drink or a romantic candle-lit dinner under the Himalayan stars. In winter, the South-facing terrace is an ideal place to relish a continental breakfast and bask in the warm rays of the sun while the rest of Thimphu is still shrouded in the cold morning mist.

Gyelsa Boutique Inn

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