Nivvana Lodge and Home stay 1 star hotel

Behind Uptal Girls high school, Sastsam Chorten, Paro

Hotel Overview

“Nivvana as in Nirvana”, the name itself speaks about the place. It is a perfect place for those who seek relaxation of Mind, Body and Soul. The chirping of birds in early morning, fruit trees all over area, ground carpeted with green grass, butterflies all over flower garden, what more one can ask for…

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About Nivvana Lodge and Home stay

NIVVANA is a small Traditional Bhutanese home, refurbished into a lodge with modern fittings and furnishing. Nivvana is spread in an area of 3 acres of private land with apple and other seasonal fruit trees. We grow our own organic vegetable and herbs for our kitchen supply. Guests too can enjoy harvesting vegetables and strawberries during fruiting season.

Nivvana has 15 rooms in total, 8 rooms in main building and 9 in two individual cottages. All rooms have large bay windows and each room enjoys full day sunlight. The view from each room opens to the surrounding blue pine mountains to the south and west and to the east and north is surrounded by Paro valley.

Nivvana is run by a Bhutanese family and the staff here are all Bhutanese rural women who are trying to add an extra income to their monthly budget , some don’t have formal training but have been serving guests at Nivvana for the past four years, which means services provided here are much more personal and straight from the heart.

Nivvana Lodge and Home stay

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