Hotel Pedling 3 star hotel

Phendey Lam, Thimphu

Hotel Overview

Located in the heart of the business and shopping areas of Thimphu, Hotel Pedling is one of Thimphu’s most popular hotels for international travelers- a superior first-class hotel built on “comfort and convenience” as its base.

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About Hotel Pedling

The Pedling Hotel is ideally located and caters both business and leisure travelers, with modern contemporary design incorporating tasteful local art to provide a healthy and comfortable living environment for hotel guests with the highest expectations and standards.

Our staff is geared to foster high levels of customer retention, through understanding customer needs and providing genuine courtesy and service .
The concept of Pedling’s authentic and genuine Bhutanese hospitality is deeply rooted in local values, at the heart of the customer offering. The passion for protecting the environment through the “PEDLING Green,” program together with a commitment to promoting healthy living also form the cornerstones of core values.

Hotel Pedling is owned by a Buddhist Institute and all proceeds from the hotel go to meeting the daily expenses of 400 monks at Gangteng Sangha Chholing Monastery.

Hotel Pedling

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