Serbhum Brewery


Ser Bhum Brewery is Bhutanese craft beer brewery, located in the woods of Hungtsho. It is 12 kilometers away from Thimphu en route to Punakha

Ser Bhum Brewery is located in the woods of Hungtsho .It is 12 kilometers away from Thimphu en route to Punakha. Hungtsho proved to be an ideal place for the brewery due to its clean and pure spring water. The team is passionate about creating a genuinely Bhutanese high-quality craft beer and sharing it with the world. Interested tourists can visit their brewery, enjoy each of their beer on tap and also learn about brewing. The teams at the brewery are warm and pleasant.

Things to do at Ser Bhum:
Beer Tasting:
Ser Bhum Brewery welcomes visitors to stop by and enjoy a taste of their unique beer. The visitors can taste their beer on tap in their tasting room which overlooks an archery range. They can simply enjoy the beer and the game or just get pleasure from the fresh air and the view.
Brewery Tour:
The brewery also gives the visitors a tour around the brewery upon request. Interested visitors can also learn about the process of brewing and get an insight into the whole beer production experience.