Night Life In Thimphu


From bars, karaoke and night clubs, there are many fun things to do at night in Thimphu.

Contrary to traveler’s perception, Thimphu in particular has a vibrant night life. There are multiple options from bars to karaoke and night clubs. Mojo Park is one of the most happening bars in town. The local bands perform impressive gigs. It is a great place to socialize with the locals, enjoy your drink and the music. A small tip for the travelers on finding a great crowd, locals generally go to a bar first and only towards mid night, they proceed to the nightclubs. Viva city and Space 34 are some of the popular night clubs in Thimphu. The club has seen a growing presence of travelers amongst the crowd. A good mix of Western and Bollywood music appeals the diverse crowd. Drinks are reasonably priced and these clubs also have food stalls.