Mebar Tso


One of the most popular tourist attractions in Bumthang and a sacred site for Buddhist devotees.

Mebar Tsho which translates to “the burning lake” is a sacred site for the Buddhist devotees. Located in the central valley of Bumthang on the way to Tang village, the lake has become a popular tourist attraction spot. Diverting off the national highway, travelers drive up an unpaved road and on arrival at the site, the travelers then descend towards the lake on foot along the steep hill.

According to the local narrative, Terton (Treasure Discoverer) Pema Lingpa had a vision where it was revealed to him that a treasure lay hidden in the lake. The local ruler and the community cynical of his claim, Pema Lingpa leapt into the lake with a burning butter lamp and is said to have reemerged from the lake with the treasures and the butter lamp still lit. Hence the lake was named Mebar Tsho.