Adha And Rukha Homestay

Wangdue Phodrang

Located under the Wangdue Phodrang District, the villages of Adha and Rukha are beautiful places to get insights into rural Bhutanese lifestyle.

To southern most part of Wangdue Phodrang is the two most picturesque villages of Adha and Rukha. These villages are perfect examples of a typical Bhutanese rural lifestyle. A camping trip to the village is an exciting experience however a farm-stay experience would be even more worth it as the farm-stay experience would provide a much more exclusive insight into the lives of the villagers. Indulgence in mouth-watering local delicacies and listening to their fascinating folk legends about mermaids and if you get lucky you may even get to listen to their songs as the people of these villages are said to be born with unusually good voices. They are exceptionally friendly humans and even warmer hosts.